Marketing strategists for tourism and hospitality industries in Canada.

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Our Services

GlobalRep clients are from businesses government agencies and individuals who are involved in Travel & Tourism , Hospitality and other industries .We promote and market products and services that brings exposure and market benefits to our clients.

  • Business to business connection
  • Marketing your product
  • Promoting your company and product
  • Representation
  • Partnership approach
  • Organizing local seminar

GlobalRep provides proven solutions to public and private sector clients and has worked extensively in many industries.

GlobalRep We will predominantly advertise by sending out flyers, placing ads in the classifieds. We will also hold promotional events, trade shows, and fairs, where we invite industry members to learn about your product and services and leave their name and email address.

Promotion and Marketing

We plan to build customer loyalty and a strong clientele by implementing the following methods:

  • Determine who your target market is by conducting market research
  • Creating and executing marketing plans
  • Produce and create high quality promotional material both video and literature
  • Offer standard or tailored marketing plans to meet marketing needs
  • Increase visibility throughout the community through comprehensive marketing strategy and print ad efforts
  • Media coverage publicist and public relations
  • Print advertisements
  • Representing trade shows on behalf of foreign clients unaware of the Canadian climate

Our Affiliates

Reens Corp.

Reens Corp. has been providing advisory and marketing services including franchise start-up development information since its formation in 1997. Reens Corp. is an investment firm.

Astor Travels

Astor Travels is a consultation and commercial services agency founded in 1987.

International Institute of Travel

Established since 1983, IIT is a Private Career College that prepares students for careers in the Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Industry.

About Us

GlobalRep Consulting (GlobalRep) is a Canadian consulting and marketing firm that operates internationally. At GlobalRep we counsel and develop marketing strategies for companies that seek to establish a marketing presence within the tourism and hospitality industries in Canada. At GlobalRep we always formulate strategies specifically tailored to our client’s needs thereby ensuring professionalism and success at all times.

We consult on business to business, analyze consumer opinions and perceptions, and specialize in market development; in addition, we uniquely combine customized research techniques to offer quality recommendations. GlobalRep is committed to advisory services that equip our clients with recommendations they can use to promote their products

GlobalRep works in tandem with the client to achieve goals that are reachable by first assessing their products/services and second realizing and maximizing opportunities. Our management team and senior sales staff are an excellent marketing and promotional asset to GlobalRep.

We represent clients from a variety of cultures and nationalities so we take the responsibility very seriously to give the best advice we can. At GlobalRep we provide a wide range of services such as: professional representation of their products/services; planning and organizing trade shows, receptions, mailing, and negotiations to the desire market.

GlobalRep provides proven solutions to public and private sector clients and has worked extensively in many industries. GlobalRep is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, the centre of diversity and travel, and represents the best international companies that aim to increase awareness and create a strong presence in the Canadian marketplace.